Orders can be placed direct with Zoti - please see the link above - though please note that this shop only opens 3 times during the season, in September, January, and April as the kit takes 6 weeks to come through.

If you wish to purchase socks or shirts, we have a limited number of items available to purchase from the club, which can be picked up either by Juniors on a Sunday morning, or by Senior players at Training. Please email Cara Bowley on carabowley1@aol.com if you wish to reserve Junior kit, or Rich Thurman (r.thurman@aston.ac.uk) if you wish to reserve Adult Kit.

We do have a range of Playing Shirts for our Saturday teams as well, which we try to sell as pairs, with allocated numbers, so if you are interested in purchasing playing shirts, please email Richard Thurman (r.thurman@aston.ac.uk) to discuss options.


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