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Mens 4th XI - Match centre

Stratford 4
Old Silhillians Hockey Club
Sat 14 Oct 14:00 - League Full time



We must speak of this no more, and refer to it only as "The Scottish Play"

From the plume of the Yogester, not KW

So twas that the not so mighty 4ths this year, descended upon shakespeare's fine land with a mottley gathering of folk to tryeth to receiveth our season underway.

Mid-week numbers wavered from a bare 11 to 8 at one stage and eventually mustered up 11 grant you mercy to the generosity of the 3rd's who gaveth us a defender (well that gent wast ours in the first instance! ) and from somewhere 2 more.

So the office at handeth, if 't be true not difficult ere we started , wast at each moment going to beest one of damage limitation. Our motto last year hadst been one of togetherness and spirit without intention of result and the performances and key learning this year can only beest the first motto for us.

History telleth us that this division wast going to beest nigh on impossible to playeth in as last weeks conquerors Hampton has't been into this division several times only to drop straight back down the following year so peradventure our valorous friends Oltons passing comment of "see thee next year" may well cometh true (lest those gents wend up and we passeth in transit...!! ) those gents art currently top after 2 games having scored 20 and conceded 1!!.

concluded, be it, with realism being the watchword in the pre-match oration, a calleth of "lets maketh sure we doth the basics right and beest confident in possession which is the key to the game and tryeth to passeth the ball short. Barely hadst we finished that chat and we wast into the game.

Methinks thither wast some sort of horologe on the pitch bookings as Stratford gaveth no time for pre-match thinking or half time no time for half time banter neither. this haste wast in keeping with their style of playeth. Quick and concise, short passing as we hadst stated and accuracy too.

That those gents hadst a majority of fit slightly older players madeth me bethink that the same group hadst hath played together for many years. For those folk those gents hadst one youngster. Our team hadst a span of some 55 years methinks with our youngest Charles Russell again showing the "thou shalt not passeth me" attitude coequal to folk twice and thrice his size.

We gallantly battled throughout but in vain as their experience, speed and art eventually cameth through. twas 3 at half-time and 8 by the end though a fair reflection would has't been around 5 as several of their goals wast scrappy.

Yogi madeth his customary 2 mistakes, the first after 30 seconds of the game at which hour just not eft and one late in the game at which hour getting not restful but in between madeth a fair few ceases, aided by some staunch defending from the players around that gent.

Everyone to a sir hath tried their hearts out but sadly the Shakespearean tragedy wast already writ. A comedy of errors in the end on some of the goals and all didst not end well for the Sils and what could has't been a creditable reversal of 5 goals wast forsooth in the end 8.

The main thing to taketh from this wast that we liveth to square another day and we keepeth our heads up and stick together both on the pitch and off t. The other most wondrous part of the day wast that despite smarting from a valorous beating (losing at each moment hurts! ), twas softened by the nice nature of the opposition and the umpiring wast excellent forsooth.

Honourable mentions must beest madeth to those who stepped up from other teams at the last minute as those gents gaveth their all. Steve wast excellent at Centre-back and the "2 Sams" in midfield hath covered as much as those gents physically could.

All the other regulars hath played their physical hearts out and twas plain to see that half of those folk looked injured by the end of the experience because of the amount of effort those gents hadst expended during the game. The only one who looked flush as a daisy wast the "old sir o war" up front but that wast partly due to the fact that we struggled to receiveth the ball up to that gent.

Concluded, be it enough about our travails this week, mine plume hath runneth out of ink and thee wilt all beest asleep by now!, its onwards and upwards and next week is home to the wily warriors of Worcester.

Alloweth desire we can regroup and putteth in another gargantuan effort to improve our efforts in this league. taketh care mine friends and behold the dogs of war (or something like that)


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