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3. New or Returning to Hockey

Old Silhillians Hockey Club is always keen to encourage players to get involved in playing hockey, so if you are an adult wishing to play the game for the first time, or perhaps returning to the game after a while away from our beloved sport (perhaps due to having kids, work commitments or a myriad of other reasons as to why you had less time on your hands), we can help you get into the game.

We run Back to Hockey, which is specifically focussed on helping Ladies get back into playing.

The programme is part of a National Initiative championed by England Hockey and recognises the need to welcome Ladies back to the game, or into the game for the first time, in a non-pressured, non-committal way. Hence, the 6-8 weeks that we run the 1 hour sessions, are focussed on enjoyment and the social sides of the game, rather than competition, fitness and regular training (though we can provide those if you decide that is what you want).

For each session we can provide sticks, and we make them so that you don't really need shinpads, so the only thing you need is suitable footwear and clothing for some very moderate exercise - but again, don't worry about your fitness levels, we are not going to get you running around more than simply getting you to move slightly faster than walking pace, unless you want to!

Our sessions in the past have had players aged from early 20s to late 50s, and have covered those who used to play quite a bit, to those who have never picked up a stick. We are able to tailor sessions to whoever comes along, and you do not have to commit to coming every week. We will simply tell you the dates and times at the start of the programme for all the sessions, and if you can tell us up front which ones you think you will come to, then great - but if you can't, then no problem.

If you are interested in getting involved in hockey on this basis, please email the Club Chairman Steve, and he will add you to the distribution list for our Back to Hockey Ladies.

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