First Ever Junior Committee Meeting

First Ever Junior Committee Meeting

By Stephen Tabb
16 December 2018
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Great Success for first ever meeting

It is vital as a club, that we keep developing, and most importantly. listening to our members about what they want from their hockey. This committee is our attempt to listen to the wishes of our largest section - the juniors!
Stephen Tabb, Chairman - OSHC

Immediately after the final (Christmas Edition) training session of 2018, the club launched its latest brand new initiative - a Junior Committee - made up almost entirely of Junior members.

This committee has been tasked with being the voice of the junior section, and to help improve everything associated with juniors playing hockey at the club.

The first meeting was a great success, with support from temporary Chairman Steve Tabb (who is coincidentally the main Club Chairman) and Secretary Ruth Delaney, the committee (who had all sent application emails listing their reasons for joining) was made up of the following:
Alex Delaney
Bethany Tomlinson
Flo Collins
Jonnie Carter
Matthew Hulbert
Melissa Thurman

The committee ran through the structure they would work to, and then highlighted various different areas where the committee felt the club was good, and some ideas for improvement.

Topics discussed included:
Smelly Bibs
Car Parking
Coaching - the good and the bad
Training Dates
How the club is run
The state of the kit shed
The playing kit
Fundraising - both for the club, and for charity
and, last but not least....tour.

The committee are now tasked with going away and making some of the actions come to life before the next meeting in mid January.

If any of you have anything they would like raised at the next Junior Committee meeting, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the members above.

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