Membership Options 2018-19

Membership Options 2018-19

By Stephen Tabb
3 September 2018
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Details of how to pay your Membership Fees for the Year

This year we have had to increase subs by a small amount, but still believe we are offering excellent value to every one of our members. We aim to make it as easy and flexible as possible to pay - so if you have any queries and challenges, please do not h
Stephen Tabb, Club Chairman

As with every year, we are keen to make paying for your hockey as simple and as manageable as possible. Hence, we are remaining with our one fee covers all hockey approach - though there are different options to pay this if you do not want to pay everything up front.

If you have any questions about your options, do not hesitate to contact Max Levenger (Membership Secretary) on; we are always happy to consider "deals" so please do not take the option to just stop playing hockey because you think you cannot afford it.

Payment Levels for the Year are:
Social (only) Members - £25
Social / Casual Members - £60 (covers up to 6 matches)
Juniors (including U6s) playing only on Sundays - £100
Juniors playing Saturday hockey - £185
Students / U18s / Unemployed - £185
Juniors / Students etc. also covering Summer League - £205
Adults - £325
Adults also covering Summer League - £365

The main options for payment are listed below though:

1. Make a payment direct to the Admin team on Sunday mornings (Juniors) or your Captain (seniors) - cheques should be made payable to OSHC. Cash is also an option.
2. Pay using the website:
3. Pay directly across into the Bank Account - you must email Max if you are doing this.
4. Set up a Standing Order to cover your costs over 5 months - forms can be found for doing that here:

If you want the Bank Account Details for Option 3 - they can be found on the Standing Order form.

Note - Junior Members MUST also complete a Membership Form - adults can simply update their details on the website:

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