Reflections on the Season

Reflections on the Season

By Stephen Tabb
25 March
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Some great achievements by the club

We have so much to be proud of, and so many volunteers to thank, without whom we could not run our club - so thank you to everyone for being involved, and hopefully next year will continue the great work from so many people this year.
Steve Tabb, Chairman

As the season draws to an end, and the Club Dinner is beginning to loom large on the horizon, as well as all of our individual winners, it is important to recognise all the other achievements of the club over the last 12 months. Below is a summary of some of the achievements:

Overall Club

  • For the 6th year running, the club has grown its membership numbers
  • Attendance at training by both Men and Ladies has shown significant growth - both over the year, and also compared to last year
  • Our relationship with Aston Uni has further developed - mainly thinks to Millz and Tom Seaton - with many weeks relying upon the fabulous students to get teams out!
  • We played our first Ladies 3rd team game in 5 years - comprehensively beating Stratford thanks to impressive displays from many of our young ladies.
  • We have run a hugely successful Friday night academy - attendance and enjoyment levels by all involved has been great, and the improvements made by the players has been superb.
  • More volunteers than ever before - thank you, thank you, thank you!

National Competitions

  • The Boys U16s have reached the Midlands Finals for the first time ever
  • Sils made up over 50% of the newly formed Solihull Masters teams at Over 40s and Over 50s, both of which made National Quarter Finals, and only just missed out on making it to the Semi-Finals

League Performances

  • No sides are getting relegated
  • M1 are promoted
  • L1 are promoted and Warwickshire Champions
  • L2 will be having their highest league finish in 16 years
  • M2/3/4/5 are all finishing the season with better results in the second half of the season than they had in the first half

Junior Development

  • More Players attending DC and AC training than ever before
  • 3 players participating in Performance Centre activity
  • More U8 matches than ever before
  • More fixtures for U10s, U12s, U14s and U16s than ever before - with more games to be organised next season

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